• Contracts
• Analysis of Risks and Guarantees
• Real Estate Investments
• International Business
• Tax Planning
• IT Solutions for Regulatory Compliance
• Advice for the creation of Financial Entities
• Verification and Regulatory Compliance
• Money Laundering Prevention
• Training for Public and Private Institutions
• Creation, Acquisition and merger of companies
• Implementation and best practices of Corporate Governance
• Training of Legal Areas
• Compliance of Companies (Anti-Corruption and Criminal)
• Creation and Incorporation of Partnerships
• Corporate Books
• Minutes of Assemblies
• Board Minutes
• Mergers and Excisions
• Due diligence (audits of purchase of companies)
• Acquisitions
• Disposal of shares
• Liquidation of society
• Securitization of Companies
• Corporate Governance
• Registration of Brands and patents
• Constitution and transformation of Financial Entities
• Registration / Authorization of Financial Entities
• Acquisition and Merger of Financial Entities
• Response of requirements of the CNBV, UIF, Banco de México and CONDUSEF
• Sanction Procedures before the CNBV and Banco de México. Nullity of Sanctions and Fines
• Visits to Supervisory Entities
• Audits in the field of PLD
• Audits to Automated Systems
• Procedures for Cancellation of Registration
• Financial Crimes
• Feasibility analysis of projects.
• Authorization and compliance for Financial Technology Institutions
• Constitution and regulation of Collective Financing Institutions
• Constitution and regulation of the Electronic Payment Fund Institutions and Financial Technology Institutions
• Procedures and management before the CNBV, Bank of Mexico and CONDUSEF
• Creation of models of business for the operation of virtual assets and currencies
• Temporary authorizations of new models.
• Tax planning and strategy
• Criminal Tax Procedures
• Audits
• Nullities
• Fines
• Penalties
• Social security, Infonavit
• Tax crimes

• Civil Trials
• Commercial Trials
• Criminal Trials
• Administrative Trials and Procedures
• Oral Trials
• Special Mortgage Trials
• Judicial and Extrajudicial Collection
• Amparo Trial
• Processing of Resources
• Execution of sentences
• International Procedural Cooperation
• Mediation and Arbitration
• Industrial Property Disputes
• Trials Labor Management
• Portfolio Management

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